Recent Work

Just a quick post to catalog some recent work. These are two vastly different videos, both of which I really enjoyed working on.

This first one was a promo for a conference coming up. It was scripted out and we had a lot of preproduction meetings to plan the shoot.

Then this one was a quick hit event coverage. Shot it Sunday afternoon and edited it Monday morning. Between shooting and editing it took about 4 hours to put together. I recorded the audio at the event which was difficult due to the wind. But I’m happy how it turned out for what it was.

My Favorite YouTubers

I’ve been spending a lot of time on YouTube lately. In the past I’ve used YouTube to learn how to do stuff, like patch a wall, or trap groundhogs, or even fix my garage door.

But lately I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube vloggers (video bloggers) and I’m really hooked on a few of them. Some I watch out of guilty pleasure. Others I watch because they are really good filmmakers and I’m finding that I get inspired by them. Some post every day and others post ever so often. Either way, YouTube has become one of my go to sites that I check out everyday.

So here’s a run down of my top 5 YouTubers.

  1. CaseyNeistat
  2. Nerdwriter
  3. Emily Diana Ruth
  4. Tim Kellner
  5. JEROME JARRE (I just added this guy yesterday)

Have any suggestions of others I should start watching? Leave a comment below.

Oh, and if you care to, check out my YouTube channel and subscribe.


Use Strong Verbs When Writing Your To Do List

The other day I was going through some old documents and found a list of verbs. Not sure where I got this list, but I’m pretty sure I made it during a time when I was really struggling at my job trying to get everything done that I needed to get done.

When I found it I thought wow what a great reminder for my productivity.

You see this is a list of verbs I was using to make sure that what I was writing down on my to-do list or my project list was something that was actionable. Starting a task reminder or a project with a verb reminds me what I actually need to do.

For instance if I put “Bike” on my project list it wouldn’t give me any clue as to what I wanted to accomplish with this project and it certainly wouldn’t help me formulate a road map of tasks to complete this project.

Instead if I were to write “Look in to fixing my bike” as my project it would give me a clear idea of what I needed to do, where I needed to do it and the steps I should take on my individual tasks. Tasks such as “Make list of things to fix”, “Search Youtube on how to fix gear shifters”, or “Call biker repair shop for a quote”.

So here’s the list of verbs I’ve used to keep me productive. Hopefully it might help you too:


Project verbs




Look into







Roll out





Task verbs





Fill out



Look into




Waiting for




Ingredients for Storytelling

Last week I ran across two interesting articles on storytelling.

‘Talent is Bulls***.’ Comic Artist Ty Templeton’s Blunt Advice on How to Tell Better Stories

This one is about storytelling but also about talent. I really resonate with the way this guy talks about talent. I probably should watch this video multiple times. Two quotes I loved:

“Great art comes from great amounts of work — practice and diligence toward attaining new skills.”

“Tell a story your audience thinks they know how it will turn out. And then don’t let it turn out that way.”

The Philosophy Behind Riveting Story Telling

This page has a video embedded of a Ted Talk on it that’s worthwhile. Storytelling is about Vision, Passion, and Action.