Friday Roundup for July 24

Here’s a few links to things I found particularly interesting this week.

Why “Whiplash” Won an Oscar for Best Editing
A really interesting breakdown of the editing of Whiplash

One technique to improve your edits
Reducing and Refining

Don’t Compare Your Hustle to Their Highlight Reel
“Comparison is dangerous because we lose focus of our own goals. We get distracted by someone else’s achievements and feel discouraged about our own progress.”

10 Things for Your Video Editing Suite Under $200
I need a plant

Creating a Storyboard Edit in Premiere Pro CC 2015
A storyboard edit is a great way to snappily produce a fast first assembly of a scene.

Not losing sleep over getting more done

I, like anyone else, want to get more done in a day. But if you read any sort of advice from blogs about launching a side business or just getting more done they all seem to start the same way. Wake up earlier or stay up later. In other words get less sleep.

I’ve been there and done that. I’m not saying I’ll never do it again I just don’t anticipate doing it the near future.

There was a time I use to get up at 5 a.m. every day. I would do some morning reading, and some journaling and such. And I will admit, I loved it. In fact thinking back to it right now I sort of miss it. The coffee brewing, a quiet house, a devotional, and my journal. So what happened? I got tired. Well, duh. But I got tired of being tired. I got tired of coming home from work and being exhausted and grumpy. And I really got tired of my kids patting me on the chest trying to wake me up after I fell asleep reading a book to them.

So I grew out of that habit. Although I still get up early twice a week for work, I have time afterwards to catch up on my sleep with a short nap.

You see I don’t do well running a sleep deficit. In fact there have been times in my life that because of sleep deficit I’ve become ill. I have no real proof but I believe that I ran my body down so much once about ten years ago that my immune system got weak enough that I got sick and spent 4 or so days in the hospital.

As you might guess, I don’t really like the advice of just sleep less. I need to find another way.

I need to find different ways of making more time in the day to get the things that I need to, and the things I want to get done. I want to blog more, I want to learn more, I want to read more, I want to create more.

I’ve thought about this for awhile now and I’ve come to conclusion about myself. I have learned that often I lie to myself about how long a task or project will take for me to do when it’s a something I’m not excited to do in the first place. It’s easier to say, I don’t have enough time to do it and then open Facebook. The fact is that I have no clue how long it will take. I never measure the time it takes me to do anything. If you walked in to my office and asked me how long would it take to make an X , Y, or Z project I wouldn’t have a clue. Even the daily tasks I do I have no idea how long it takes me.

This probably goes back to my days as a newspaper photographer. See, when I was shooting for daily newspapers each day was different but how we did the work was the same. I would come in to work, get my assignments. Show up and shoot each assignment and then work as fast as I could to finish the photos and hand them in. I would leave each night usually with a clean slate.

I’m now working in a job where I’m realizing I need to budget my time better so I can get more done. And here’s the problem. If I don’t know how long things take for me to accomplish how am I to know how much time to budget to get it done.

So it’s pretty apparent that I need to start tracking the time it takes me to do things and journaling it for reference.

Right now my plan is to use a couple of different tools. One is a Pomodoro timer app. If you’re not familiar with Pomodoro it’s a system of timed intense focus followed by a timed break. I have another time tracking app I plan on using ass well. To journal my times I’ll use Day One and tag my entires to so I can quickly search the tag and see what I have accomplished and how long it took me.

The point is I need to know how much time it takes me to do my tasks and projects so that way I can better budget my time so I can get more done. I’m basically going to add this in to my productivity workflow of using Omnifocus and pen and grid paper task lists.

GoodReader App on Sale

GoodReader is on sale for $0.99

I use this app almost ever week as I prepare to video direct services at The Crossing. I take all the lyrics, music, and readings for that Sunday and put them in to one PDF. Then I bring that PDF in to GoodReader and I can add my directing cues and notes along side the run downs and lyrics. I can highlight or blackout text. And if I need to change a note I’ve written down I can do it in a matter of seconds. If you need to annotate PDFs and such I’d highly recommend this app.

Link dump for Friday, July 17

Thought I would dump a few links to articles I’ve found interesting this week.

Documentary Film Editors Talk About Their Process
Some of Hollywood’s top documentary editors got together at Sight, Sound and Story 2015 to discuss their process. Here are some highlights from their chat.

Kathryn Bigelow Interviews the Filmmaker Behind the Mexican Drug War Documentary, ‘Cartel Land’
Saw this film at True/False this year. Pretty extraordinary work.

Photographing the Presidential Campaign With an iPhone 6
Brooks Kraft shares his tips to capture candid shots this election season
“With a DSLR, you are instantly recognized as a professional photographer, and sometimes people react quickly to your presence and either smile at the camera or turn away,”

Why There Is No Magic Formula for Increasing Creativity
We won’t make ourselves more creative and productive by copying other people’s habits, even the habits of geniuses; we must know our own nature, and what habits serve us best.

Peter McCollough: Ideas for Breaking Out of a Creative Drought
This photographer shares a list of advice for his future self to open in case of creative emergency.

Quick Tüts: The solution to your battery insanity
There’s a deep place inside of me that desires organization and this is something I would really like to build for my office.