Processed with VSCOcam with b4 preset

I really enjoy doing these, so I’m posting another one this week.

Time-lapse video of the technique and workflow used in making abstract photography using the iPhone.
Apps Used:
Slow Shutter Cam:
Image Blender:




I first started experimenting with abstract photography on my iPhone back in June, 2011 (You can see my first three in the image above). Since then I have worked off and on as the inspiration strikes in different types of abstract iPhone photography. recently I gave an artist talk at the Imago gallery about some of the abstract iPhone photography I’ve done. In the talk I showed some examples using time-lapse video of my workflow. So, I thought I would start sharing some of those video, and some new ones, here on my blog as well.

First Example



Here’s the apps I used:

Average Camera Pro –
Snapseed –
Mextures –
VSCO Cam® –

Second Example


Here’s a list of Apps I used:
Average Camera Pro –
Snapseed –
Mextures –
Image Blender –

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Boundaries and Barriers

December 4, 2014

On Tuesday I had the privilege of giving an artist’s talk to about 40 people who gathered at the opening of the Imago Gallery’s exhibit “Imminent.” The show features the sculpture works of Ryan Pflasterer and 13 prints from my Advent iPhone photography project from 2012.

One topic I covered in my talk was about the creative life and my interest between boundaries and barriers. And why I shoot so much with my iPhone.

This topic drew several questions after the talk, so I thought I would post an excerpt. I’ve always been fascinated with the creative process and I’m constantly looking for ways to stay creative, and boost my creativity. Lots of people write on this subject and so my thoughts are pretty much informed by others.


I do believe that creativity is born out of constraint and out of boundaries. Not just boundaries like the edge of a canvas or the sides of a camera frame, but also boundaries of equipment and materials as well as theme and context.

I liked shooting with the iPhone because it allowed me to immediately work on what I saw in my minds eye.

But I really wanted to throw my own pretentiousness away and just do it, create with what I have with me.

While I believe that boundaries are good for the creative process. I also believe that barriers destroy the creative process.

I like boundaries and I dislike barriers.

Barriers to me are feeling like I don’t have enough time to create, not feeling in the right mood when I do have the time, wanting the right equipment, or the perfect subject. Being a family guy, with a job that demands much of my time and creative energy – I experience all of those barriers.

Sometimes a creative person needs to exchange the ideal for the attainable, least they give up being creative altogether. So that’s why I used my iPhone. It is always in my pocket and it’s easy to use with many options to creatively express myself with different apps.

If you enjoyed this, I wrote another blog post about the Ideal vs. Attainable a couple of years ago.