Haiti Next Week

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I’m slowly getting packed and next week I’ll be in Haiti, back in the village of Dos Palais. Last year was my first trip and I’ve been excited to go back ever since. Above is a collection of images from last year and audio recorded during a church choir practice. Please visit Children for a New Haiti to learn more.

Ten years ago today I covered one of the more emotionally difficult assignmets as a photojournalist.

I’ve shot a lot of funerals during my time as a newspaper photographer. They are never an enjoyable assignment.

Ten years ago two firefighters rushed in to a burning home to try and save an elderly woman. They didn’t live through it. The roof, weakened by fire and laden with heavy snow and ice, collapsed down on them.

It’s not enough for me that these two heros died trying to save a life. That is difficult enough to deal with. But one of the guys, Kenny, I knew. He was always nice to me at scenes I had to cover. But even more than that I worked with Kenny’s wife Melissa. She’s a great person and fun to be around.

The personal connection made it even harder.

These guys were true heros and I think about them and their families often. Hard to belive it’s been ten years.

Here’s my list of photojournalists and picture editors I’m following on Instagram who are in Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics (or on their way).

Chris Detrick – The Salt Lake Tribune

Robert Hanashiro – USA Today

Robert Beck – Sports Illustrated

Andrew Scott – USA Today

Brian Cassella – Chicago Tribune

Mikhail Mordasov – independent #sochieveryday

Kevin Jairaj – USA Today

Gary Hershorn – Reuters

Kevin Liles – independent

Benjamin Lowy – independent

David G. McIntyre – independent

** First Edit – Now it’s 12 **

Jack Gruber – USA Today

This isn’t a “Top” list or a comprehensive list. It’s a list of people I know or I was able to find. I don’t even know if they will be posting Instagrams a lot. But if they do, it’ll be fun. Please feel free to add anyone else you might know in the comments below.

Bird of Prey Gif

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Snowing Outside

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