Echo 2011

This week I’ve been attending the Echo Conference in Dallas. If you are curious it’s a conference for Artists, Geeks and Storytellers.

I’m confident to say it’s probably one of the better conferences I’ve been too, based on the content and inspiration that I was able to take in.

Here’s a small collection of meaningful (for me) quotes I was able to capture in my notebook.

John Acuf | @jonacuff
“Never Compare your beginning to someone else’s middle”
“90% perfect and shared with the world is better than 100% perfect and stuck in your head”
“Work on something so big that if you fail, lives are still changed”

Matt Knisely | @mattknisely
“The shortest distance between two people is a well told story.”
“If you don’t care about the story, neither will your audience.”

Andy Crouch | @ahc
“We are not meant to make culture safe for people.”

Barton Damer | @bartondamer
“When we create things with out purpose, they are nothing but a fad.”
“It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.”
“Art is subjective, solutions are not.”

Gary Molander | @garymo
“You will create the most impacting art when that art is a byproduct of time spent with The Creative Source.”
“Worship is meant to be a lifestyle.”
“I don’t care if my name is mentioned in my legacy, I want my God mentioned in my legacy.”
“You don’t need to fill big rooms, you need big people in the room.”
“It only becomes art when someone else sees it.”

Scott Belsky | @scottbelsky
“Surround yourself with progress.”

John Chandler | @johnchandler
“Creative work is a reflection of the image of God.”
“One of God’s first markers for humanity is his creativity.”

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